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Are you looking to buy a business?

Funding for a range of different types of business succession


It’s great to feel that we’re now in control of our own destiny.

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Why Finance Wales?

  • Finance Wales has helped over 90 businesses secure succession funding
  • Support available for all types of buyers
  • A full range of succession funding options offered



Who can we help?

Sucession funding is for any potential buyer looking to acquire an existing and established business.

Internal buyers

  • A manager looking for the next big challenge
  • A management team who want to take the company to the next level
  • A workforce looking to safeguard their future

External buyers

  • Entrepreneurs looking to buy their next business
  • Businesses looking to acquire a competitor 



What are your options?

Through the funds we manage and the banks and investors we work with Finance Wales can support a full range of succession options and scenarios.

Common examples include:

  • Management Buy-Out (MBO) - Where an existing management team or workforce purchases a business from its owners
  • Management Buy-In (MBI) - Where a management team purchases all of another business’ shares or assets

For a full list of the types of  business succession we support see our succession download.


Finance Wales - Types of succession

                    Finance Wales - Types of succession





What's next?

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