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Finance Wales roots for Cwmbran’s Centre for Young People

On Friday 13th June, a team of fourteen volunteers from Finance Wales will be leaving their desks for a day’s work in the local community. Finance Wales’ staff will be taking part in a project called ‘Mind Your Roots’, where volunteers will improve interior and exterior areas of the Cwmbran Centre for Young People (CCYP).

Finance Wales and CCYP were brought together by Business in the Community (BITC), an organisation which introduces its members to community partners. In the last year, BITC programmes mobilised over half a million hours of volunteer time, which is equivalent to over 300 working years in 365 days.

Offering both a drop-in centre and a training facility, CCYP supports life skills and provides opportunities to gain qualifactions through recreational, social and educational activities, information and support including counselling and mentoring.

Hannah Dixon, who is coordinating the project said, “CCYP plays a key role in the lives of local young people and encourages them to achieve their ambitions. Some of the young people who use this centre will be working with us on the day to deliver this project. Many of them will then be able to use the experience and skills acquired towards initiatives or qualifications that they are a part of.”

“Finance Wales strives to achieve sustainable practices in its day-to-day activities, both within our core business activity and within our local communities. Volunteering opportunities such as this one really show the positive role that business can have in the community.”

In 2013, Finance Wales’ volunteers completed a project at Herbert Thompson Primary School in Ely, Cardiff. As part of Give and Gain Day, a day of national volunteering, the volunteers turned the playground into a colourful and vibrant place for pupils to play and learn.

A year has now passed and the impact of the work carried out is evident. The head teacher Bethan Hocking said: “The hard work and dedication of the Finance Wales volunteers has had a huge impact on many young lives. We can now teach the curriculum in the outdoor classroom, regularly changing the focus of the area to a new topic. It was an absolute pleasure to have this group of volunteers join us for a day and they will be remembered for a very long time.”

Finance Wales is a BITC member and is also sponsoring its Wales Responsible Business of the Year – Small award in 2014.

Finance Wales encourages the businesses it invests in to adopt responsible business practices.