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Jellagen Pty Ltd appoints Galvin Mould to the Board as Chairman

Jellagen Pty Ltd, a new medical technology and healthcare company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Galvin Mould as its new Chairman.

Galvin  succeeds  David  Evans,  an  entrepreneurial  investor  and  Chairman  in  many  companies,  who stepped down earlier this year as the company's founding Chairman.

Galvin   Mould   is   a   senior   executive   with   an   accomplished   background   in   medical   technology manufacturing, sales, marketing and general management. Galvin has extensive experience in medical device companies, most  recently as  President-International at Orthofix.  Previous  to this  Galvin held a number of senior management positions at Zimmer and Biomet. He is also currently Chairman of two other medical tech companies.

Jellagen was founded in May 2013 by 2 highly experienced entrepreneurs Alex Muhlholzl and Andrew Mearns Spragg and secured its first round funding of £550,000 in April 2014 from Finance Wales and Angel  investors.  The  Company  aims  to  be  the world's  first  provider  of  pharma  grade,  GMP and  ISO certified Type II and Type V jellyfish collagen as a raw material. The company's initial target market for its  non-mammalian  collagen  product  is  the  lucrative  cell  culture  reagent  market  valued  globally  at US$14.7Bn in 2013 (Markets & Markets 2014) with future ambitions in bone health and wound healing medical applications for its collagen products.

The company offers the full spectrum of jellyfish derived collagen proteins, mainly Type II - Type V, with others available, as well as a range of additional products in development for derma care and medical device applications.  Collagen is used in the manufacture of biomaterials due to its ability to form strong fibres  and  used  in  many  forms,  including  gels  scaffolds,  and  membranes,  for  a  number  of  medical applications ranging from wound care and cartilage repair through to bone grafts.

Jellagen  operates  from  a  processing  facility  in  Pembrokeshire,  Wales  with  its  medical  grade  product being produced by its strategic partner Collagen Solutions Plc, Glasgow.

Andrew  Mearns  Spragg,  the  Company's  Co-Founder  &  Chief  Executive  Officer  said  "Alex  and  I  are delighted with the appointment. Galvin's track record and contact network in the bone health market and more broadly in the regulatory process for medical devices will be of huge benefit to the company. We look forward to working with Galvin over the coming months and years to help guide and develop our non-mammalian sourced collagen products for a range of bone health and other medical applications."

Alex  Muhlholzl  the  Company's  Founder and  Chief  Technology  Officer  added:  "We would  also  like  to thank Mr David Evans for his considerable early support in the company's development plans and also appreciate  his  commercial  guidance  during  the  early  days  of  Jellagen's  creation  and  fund  raising activities. We are pleased to maintain an association with David through our partnering with Collagen Solutions  Plc  and  look  forward  to  working  with  David  and  the  Collagen  Solutions  team  for  years  to come."

Galvin  Mould said "I am pleased  to be  joining Jellagen at this  exciting stage  in the development  and commercialisation  of  this  new  source  of  collagen,  which  offers  so  many  advantages  in  a  number  of medical applications. I look forward to working with Andrew, Alex and the Jellagen team and contributing to the growth and success of this outstanding business"