Two major milestones achieved by Finance Wales’ technology portfolio company, Diurnal Ltd

Two drug therapy products, Chronocort® and Infacort® developed by one of  Finance Wales’ portfolio of technology companies has achieved major milestones. 

Diurnal, which develops innovative approaches to drug delivery, has begun Phase 3 trials for its paediatric product, Infacort and earlier this year its lead product, Chronocort was granted orphan drug designation by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Finance Wales is a long-term backer of Diurnal and has co-invested alongside IP Group and other investors to help it complete a series of clinical trials as it works towards successful commercialisation.

Congratulating Diurnal on its achievements, Dr Melanie Goward of Finance Wales commented: “As a long-term backer of Diurnal, Finance Wales is delighted that it has achieved two key milestones in rapid succession.  The Phase 3 study of Infacort has now started and, together with the news that Chronocort has been granted orphan drug status in the US, the successful commercialisation of Diurnal’s endocrine-focused products is moving ever closer.’’

Background information on Diurnal

Diurnal, which is headquartered at the Medicentre in Cardiff, has developed a pipeline of enhanced product opportunities within the endocrine area, where current therapies are considered to be sub-optimal and could be superseded with more effective physiological hormonal replacement products:

  • Chronocort®: our goal is to develop a first-in-class hydrocortisone product for the lifelong treatment of congenital adrenal hyperplasia and adrenal insufficiency
  • Infacort®: our intention is to create a first-in-class paediatric hydrocortisone replacement product for neonates and infants suffering from adrenal insufficiency
  • Native Oral Testosterone: our objective is to create a native oral testosterone treatment for hypogonadism
  • Tri4Combi™: our target is to develop the first combination therapy product of thyroid hormones for patients suffering from hypothyroidism

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