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Are you looking to buy a business?

Funding for a range of different types of business succession


It’s great to feel that we’re now in control of our own destiny.

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Why Finance Wales?

  • Wales focused - £25 million succession fund available to support Welsh SMEs only
  • Strong track record - we've supported over 100 Welsh business with succession
  • Flexible finance - we can structure bespoke debt and equity packages other lenders can't



Who can we help?

Sucession funding is for any potential buyer looking to acquire an existing and established business.

Internal buyers

  • A manager looking for the next big challenge
  • A management team who want to take the company to the next level
  • A workforce looking to safeguard their future

External buyers

  • Entrepreneurs looking to buy their next business
  • Businesses looking to acquire a competitor 



What are your options?

Through the funds we manage and the banks and investors we work with Finance Wales can support a full range of succession options and scenarios.

Common examples include:

  • Management Buy-Out (MBO) - Where an existing management team or workforce purchases a business from its owners
  • Management Buy-In (MBI) - Where a management team purchases all of another business’ shares or assets
  • Business Acquisitions - When one company takes over another and clearly establishes itself as the new owner
  • Vendor Initiated Management Buy-Out - The owner of a business leads the MBO process, part funding it through deferred consideration.

For a full list of the types of  business succession we support see our succession download.


Finance Wales - Types of succession

                    Finance Wales - Types of succession





What's next?

If you are interested in succession funding fill out the form below to have a member of team contact you back to discuss your options.


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