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Investment criteria

Finance Wales can only invest in eligible, investment ready Welsh SMEs. Before applying, please check our eligibility criteria and whether or not your business is investment ready.


We invest in small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs):

  • Employing up to 250 people
  • Annual turnover not exceeding €50 million

The businesses we invest in must be located in Wales or willing to relocate.

We can work with both SMEs and larger businesses in Wales when looking to provide access to short-term finance through the Wales  Capital Growth Fund.

Are you investment ready?

If your business is eligible, you'll need to demonstrate your business is ready for investment. Finance Wales makes commercial investments and looks for genuine growth potential in all its investments.

You will need a business plan that demonstrates a strong business case for investment. The amount of detail in your plan depends on the size of investment you apply for:

  • Up to £50,000: a two-year business plan
  • Over £50,000: a business plan of up to three years (contact us for further information).

For more information on business plans visit the business plan section

How to apply

If your business is eligible and investment ready then you will need to complete an investment application along with the relevant documentation.

Contact us

To enquire about applying for investment from Finance Wales please contact us

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